family cares for me more than my friends or anybody in this world

September 3, 2012 1:22pm CST
i feel my family personally cares for me ,like very basic things whichever i do,whereas some people like friends or others certainly feel jealous and they dont want to take risk and care for others.that is what i feel generally prevails worldwide
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
8 Nov 12
hi, that is true that those people who really loves us and who have cares to us is our family,and i have been experienced it many times when i have problem in my love life,because when our lover left us the first who will sympathize us.and even we hurt them they still care to us.
@jugsjugs (13045)
6 Sep 12
Family will always be there for you where as friends will come and go.I do feel that I have a few friends that do really care for me, but feel bad that I can not do much to repay their kindness. I do feel that there are some friends out there that can be jealous of many things that we all have in our lives, but feel that there are still a few people out there that will do what they can to help.
@ChoukseyMK (1052)
• India
6 Sep 12
if you are younger member of family then it naturaly you will be more attached with them
@celticeagle (121073)
• Boise, Idaho
3 Sep 12
Family is supposed to be there. They are supposed to take the risk. Very few friends actually step up and take the risk or go the extra mile. If you find one latch on cause they are rare finds. And I guess it would be world wide since people are usually the same all over.
• United States
3 Sep 12
That is what family should do for one another. I know there will always be some friends who don't put your best interests first. but,that should not stop you from feeling happy about the love and care you get from the other people in your life. I know it would not change how I felt. I love all the people who love me and that includes mylot friends.