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September 4, 2012 12:58am CST
I've been into online earning opportunities for 4 months now. Today I received my first earnings from It is $5.32. Instead of withdrawing the amount, I'd like to know about how to fruitfully invest the same and enhance my online earnings. Please suggest me. Thank you and have a great day!
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@somupriti (353)
16 Sep 12
If I am not wrong then is running a referral program and that too with good referral earning. If U really want to invest this amount then my suggestion is have some referrals by paying them little money from your earning. Now from $5 you can have 10 referrals. The next step is help them to inculcate your earning principle and take care to help them earn the same $5 like U within a month or two. If U survive to do so remember your earning will be multiplied by three times at the end of each month giving U an potential return of 300% of your own earning till the end of your membership or as far as is here. This secret has worked viola for me. Believe me no guru will reveal it free of cost to U. If U feel it is informative please give a positive remark.
@kiran8 (15399)
• Mangalore, India
4 Sep 12
I only suggest that you withdraw what you earn and invest it in bank deposits rather than online sites....I do that every time I get a payout and what I accumulate as interest is definitely better than something that I am not sure about here on the net...all the best and happy mylotting
• India
4 Sep 12
Nice suggestion. Everyday we come across online investing sites becoming scam. Thus, its better to withdraw and save or use it. Thanks for the response. Good day!
@usemyname (640)
• Philippines
4 Sep 12
Try investing it to It's a passive income generating program which gives you 2% interest of your funds for 3 months. Is it legit? Try asking majority of mylot members here, I think a lot of them are members of that site and have already received payout from the site several times already.
• India
4 Sep 12
I personally do not think that it is legit. It recently got acquired by a new company, just after a few months of its launch. Also, I don't have much faith in these online investing sites. Anyways, thanks for the tip. Will consider it. Good day!