Playing AruaRose

@aktihs (14)
September 4, 2012 3:07am CST
I played Aruarose since May 2009.. Aruarose is MMROPG and it's very easy and very interesting game i ever played. You can achieve all the good items for only 4 months of continues playing.. Aruarose is one of the most exiting games, alot of active GM's and event teams is giving their help for who new in game.
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@oyomesan (115)
• Netherlands
7 Sep 12
I've never heard of it before, so I just checked it out. It seems like a really cute, colorful game with nice graphics! I want to try it. Hopefully it's available for my country. Sadly some MMOs are not available for me. Happened three times in a row this week when I got excited about an MMOGame.
@aktihs (14)
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
This is a private online game, any country can join. here's the link for the installer.. .. message me if you have made your character so i can help you with in this game^^.
@shawon25 (49)
• Bangladesh
4 Sep 12
I not play this game , but it may be interested . I will try to play it .