owsam movie

September 4, 2012 6:38am CST
it is so owsam movie becox harry potter is a magic boy in our school his best friend name hi harmaini her also magic girl shi is saying i love farri oosa and open the locked room door plz watched this movie is so owsam
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4 Sep 12
yes i watched all harry potter movies parts and they are just awsome.this is a good magically fantacy tale based story and awsome camera work and chracterization.any how harmoine says "alo homara"not faari ossa.if you want to take real joy then read the harry potter novels.
• Italy
4 Sep 12
Yes it is Awesome movie, books are awesome as well. ummm, as far as I can remember she chants something like "wingardium leviosa" to make the feather levitate in air, To open the door the spell was Alohamora