Return of philandering husband

September 5, 2012 11:25am CST
Mostly in our country when a philandering husband comes back to his original wife, he was accepted inspite of what he did to his family. there are so many instances I witness this case. when a husband got sick he will go back to his family . or when he was in coffin he will returned home. I wonder when I was young why my aunts still accept their philandering husband when they returned? It's for family sake? Or the culture of having a closed family ties? I'm bit afraid to marry that kind of guy , afraid to marry young man than me, I'm afraid to have a philandering husband, I 'm not a martyr to wait for him when he will temporarily leave me and don't know if I can accept him again. luckily I don't experience that kind of guy.
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@maximax8 (27045)
5 Sep 12
Some men the come from the Philippines work abroad and send money to their wife and kids in the Philippines. That sort of man works overseas for money for his family. I saw a documentary and cabin cleaning staff in the North Sea were men from the Philippines. They were paid six dollars a hour. They had to do eleven hour days for six months then had two months holiday. It is different if a man is having extra relaxations with ladies other than his wife. Such men should be ashamed of themselves. The wife accepts the husband back again for the sake of her family. Not many ladies move on and find another man for a different relationship. They are happy to be back with their husband.
• Philippines
5 Sep 12
Yes it's true maxi, if their husband works abroad for a living that is just a great sacrifice for couples but they need too in order to finance the needs of their families, others I know have extra marital relationship because of loneliness that well be the sole account of a husband, his conscience will eat him if ever he has a conscience. a wife will wait for his husband no matter what and remain faithful to him until he come back. for a faithful husband abroad I admired them because they have to survive loneliness for the sake of their family in the Philippines. it's not easy to be far away from your loves ones.