What plans would you have for this kind of scenario?

September 6, 2012 6:34am CST
In case you were in an island of about 3000 families (whose main jobs are fishing and farming only) and you were given the chance of improving their life by using the resources of the island? The island is full of tress and that there are agricultural lands and coast to use? How can you improve the community economically? Well my idea is that you use these resources by making a resort, irrigation and making or having aquaculture.... so what do you think of my idea? Can you share some of your ideas on the improvement ? Please share your ideas. Thanks and happy mylotting :)
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• Indonesia
7 Sep 12
I have not got to that stage, but if I take my ideas to your case. I also want to make it as a tourist spot for boating whether it's around the beach, bersnokling. So other than that cultivate fish. If there is likely to farm mangroves mangroves.
14 Sep 12
I appreciate your idea. True since in order for a community to prosper we need to utilize all available resources in the given area.....
@Shavkat (65976)
• Philippines
6 Sep 12
If you are going to maximize the resources of that island, that's a great development work. We need to be sure that the community will accept the proposed ideas. Then, let them have the proper resettlement area to live in.
14 Sep 12
So the only needed then is acceptance of the people in order to have a better and proper community for those people :)