A Bad Daughter?

September 6, 2012 9:37am CST
I was 7 and my brother 4,when our parents broke up. We had to live to different families because my Mom had to work abroad. Even so, I had been a good daughter.. an achiever, active school girl, honor student, and a lot more. My mom loved me much... and she still does. I had the goody good time of my life...money, leisure, gadgets, peers, (except weeds)even without my Mom's guidance...until I met this boyfriend(who is my hubby now). I was so in love then, that we decided to live together.Her motherly instinct made her flew back here and found out that I was pregnant then, and I saw her cry. That was the most painful thing Ive done to my Mom. And.. I was and still sorry for that. Was I a bad daughter?
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• Philippines
6 Sep 12
I guess you're not. That's our parents' initial reaction when they are unprepared of the situation. She must be really shocked. I hope you are already at a legal age to marry and have a child. Your mom is going to be the happiest grandmother after you gave birth. I'm sure of that. Goodluck to you both. I hope you and your mom will still have a good relationship with each other. Happy mylotting.
• Philippines
13 Sep 12
Yes, we have a very good relationship..after all, mothers give love unconditionally. And you know what? after I got married and have kids, I loved my mother more!Happy mylotting too.
@Mavic123456 (14461)
• Thailand
2 Dec 12
no offense but yes you were. You just simply betrayed her trust (back then). She trusted you so much that she thought you don't need guidance from her. That's why she cried, she felt betrayed and you broke her heart. But mother's love is unquantifiable. I am sure she has forgiven you the moment you sincerely apologize to her. I am sure she has forgotten your mistake the moment she saw her grandchild. Then everything is new and bright once again. You don't need to worry on anything because Mothers are Loving, forgiving and forget all mistakes their daughters did.