Does it annoy you when people snore?

@blinjk (613)
September 7, 2012 8:30pm CST
When people snore and you sleep with them in one room,how do you feel?Is it okay or not?Some people can not get their sleep because of noises and it is really annoying when you have a person in a room that snores loudly like a train.What will you do when you have someone like that in a room.I remember when I was in our affiliation and we are in 6 in one room.In the boys room,they did something to one of our friend who really snores loud and they always cannot sleep.One day, the other boys talked,that person sleep early and what the other boys did is they alarmed the clocked and set it to 4 am but it is just 11 pm.The boys were sleeping and then the boy who snores woke up because of the alarm clock.He prepared for our duty and then the other boys in the room are really laughing about him when he was in the bathroom. The boy realized it was only 12 in the midnight and he have not slept because of the boys that made fun of him but they are okay.That was not a good joke but we laugh at it.They should have at least told him about the snoring and they do not have to made someone look like stupid.How about you guys does it annoy you when someone is snoring?
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 13
Hi blinjk, if I could I would like to sleep with people don't snore. Certainly I couldn't sleep soundly if having room mate who snores as loudly as train the whole night. I did come across such situation for a couple of nights the time having my Bali trip years back. Lacking of sufficient sleep surely I's not that energetic during daytime sightseeing I won't join any trip any more if my friends whom we are used to be room mate don't join the trip Happy posting
• Philippines
29 Jan 13
I am more of a private person, and I don’t like having someone disturbing me when I am asleep. I don’t like being with people when I feel a little nappy. Snoring does disturbs me most especially when I like to have a quiet time, people also who suffers snoring does have some internal disorder that should be consulted by a health professional.
• India
30 Dec 12
Hi friend, no one have the ability to get a peaceful sleep with a snoring partner, surely the snoring sound will disturb us a lot and we don't get a normal sleep while sleeping with a snoring partner. My father is having snoring habit and we will sleep in the next room due to this habit, but his snoring sound will disturb us a lot even though we are sleeping in the next room
@cattibre (160)
• United States
8 Sep 12
It doesnt bother me at all when people snore. Growing up my dad would snore so loud the windows would sometimes shake lol. I guess I am just so used to it I dont even notice.
@kongno (431)
• Philippines
8 Sep 12
fortunately i sleep like a cooking oil i don't even notice that somebody is snoring while im sleeping..