top 10 commandments of weight loss

weight lose - how to loose weight
September 8, 2012 4:25am CST
1- Eat protein at every meal quarte of your everyday calories must come from lean protein such as egg fish, lean meat, because it help you feel fuller longer so you eat less, and recharge your muscle after intense workout, according to new research of university illinois it sheds more fat than muscle. 2- eat a filling breakfast that contains protein and fiber, greek youghurt, fruits, nuts, egg scrumble. 3- Downsize your serving dishes. 4- Eat more fruits and vegetable, vegetable fills you up with vitamins, minerals and fiber for a good health in low calorie and high volume pakage. Fruits contain many antioxidents that keeps your skin glowing. 5-replace high calorie beverages with water. 6- sleep drive people actually eat extra 500 calories a day so sleep well if you want to loose weight. 7-artificial sweetners do little for weight loss but actually cause you to pile on pounds, so ksip diet sodas and artificial sweetend cakes. 8- eat smaller meals more often adn keep your blood sugar steady. 9- keep moving all day 10- reduce stress as it causes relaease of cortisol that builds up body fat. have you been trying some other ways to loose weight??? please do share.
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