Traveling with more than one child

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
September 8, 2012 10:47am CST
When my disabled son reached 24 months old the infant airfares were not possible anymore and then he had to have child airfares. He was 25 months old when my daughter was born. I was very poorly after her birth in 2009 and so I waited until 2010 for my next trip. We booked to fly to Halifax in Canada. However we changed our destination to Vancouver when that flight was canceled. On our trip to Canada my disabled son was 3 years old and my daughter was 11 months old. She had her first birthday in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I had my thirty eight birthday in Vancouver. With one baby or one toddler a mom can have a buggy that is lightweight and easy to fold. With a baby and a toddler that doesn't walk a mom has to have a double buggy that doesn't fit through most doorways. Alternatively she can have a tandem buggy. I had a tandem buggy with my disabled son in the front and my daughter in the back. It was called the Phil and Ted with double seat. I found that heavy and challenging to fold up. I found with two young kids stuff the baggage was very big and heavy. The child age on Canadian trains was 2 years old and it was age 5 years old in my home country. In 2011 we traveled to the Caribbean coastline of Colombia. Our flights were London to Cartagena De Indias via Madrid and Bogota. We stayed at a hotel close to London due to an early departure. Our flight from London sat on the ground for two hours. Then it took off and the delay had been due to fog. Another airline felt sorry for us and took us on to Colombia's Bogota. It arrived close to midnight. We were given a hotel overnight and a flight onwards the next day. We had missing baggage and delayed baggage. My kids got sick and so we stayed for 8 nights in the coastal city. I loved having a ground floor room with three beds. Again I found the amount of luggage challenging. After having some lost baggage I now know to put all essentials in the hand luggage. Our trip in 2012 was more ambitious involving many long bus trips. We visited Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. It was an expensive flight with both children being over 24 months old. I had to buy diapers many times as it wasn't possible to carry them all. Have you ever traveled with more than one child? Did you ever have very heavy luggage? Have you or a member of your family ever got sick overseas?
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