Other Country's opinion about us Sarawakian.

@Erynn14 (359)
September 8, 2012 10:51pm CST
Hey MyLotters, I wanted to know something like this that what do other country think of us Sarawakians. Sure that in MyLot, there's a lot of people from different country right? So mind to let me know the opinion from different country's people's opinion about us? Like our life, where do we live in, and so on. Because I've heard a lot that most of the people out there think that we Sarawakian or maybe just Kuching people are still on the tree. I want to tell you guys that, we aren't living on the trees anymore! We are like other country like KL and so on. We have malls, we have cars, we have roads, we have our semi-d house and so on! I got angry on other country's people treat us Sarawakian as a super duper old fashion, old thinking minded people, and more and more. And that's like, for them we are kind of fun to bully at. Why do such things happen? I thought that people from all over the country are all the same, no racist and so on. And now? I kinda dislike KL which I wanted to go for such long time since primary 5 until now.
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@ARIES1973 (9539)
• Legaspi, Philippines
9 Sep 12
Honestly I don't know much of your country aside from the fact that it is an asian country. Maybe we are on the same level he he. You can just share perhaps other things about your country so we may know.