Writing articles for magazine.

@jricky1 (6809)
September 9, 2012 12:52am CST
This is cool for a writer and of course we can find several magazines and just write. As writing as someone's major income, cool and always live in the world of imagination. What do you guys think and would you do so?
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@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
9 Sep 12
I wrote in a fashion magazine while I was in college. I quit the job because I thought I was not being compensated for the job that I am doing for them. I eventually found a new job as a fashion writer in another fashion magazine based in Sweden. I love it because I can do a lot of things aside that because I only submit articles once a month. I think that the best thing that anyone can do if they want to write in magazines is to write about things that they know about and care about. It will be a lot easier in the end.
@jricky1 (6809)
• China
9 Sep 12
Congrats on finding what your love, friend. I mean finding such a suitable and also lovely job is not esay for everybody. So i'm gonna learn from you and to also improve my writing skill.
• United Arab Emirates
15 Sep 12
Tessa9, I am in support of what you do, writing is one of the most advance ways of earning and right now without writers the internet would be just a list of sites without any information, like we see in movies nowadays. Books are now being produced as movies leaving the producer just little to do. One thing I would have done if I were you is look for more magazines to write for as writing once in a month would rarely pay for bills, except whatever you write cost the magazine like $200. That would be worth the while of waiting, just so I could add it up to other earnings from other writing opportunities.
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
10 Sep 12
I think that would be a real cool job , I love reading magazine and getting the chance to write for them would be great . Knowing that you are making a good income you will be motivated to produce real quality article .
• United States
13 Sep 12
I agree that having anything I write published, I would be OK even doing it as a part time job. what is your favorite style of writing? I am really trying to push myself to write somewhat autobiographical stories. I think this site will help me with my writing skills Cheers to you and your writing!
@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
9 Sep 12
If I had the fantasy to write from my imagination, and if it was approved by some magazine, yes I would indeed take a job like that. Currently I only write for fun to improve my skills, but would you be interested in a position like that?