Anyone tried making chocolate.

@ash777 (40)
September 9, 2012 10:44am CST
Friends anyone tried to prepare chocolate by your own.I tried with a recipe suggested by one of my relative.It was made by a small amount of cocoa powder,sugar,butter and milk powder.Though it was a first test it tastes as good.And i loved it.Does anyone tried such a preparation.If you had share it and lets know more about it.
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@andreas91 (140)
• Indonesia
14 Sep 12
I used to be an intern at a local chocolate factory in my country, and I made one in their research and development laboratory. I was successful at that time. The texture was kind of hard though, since the fat used has high melting point, considering their products are distributed in tropical countries with hot climate. I remember the owner even challenged me to make one factory scale quantity using his machines! (1 factory scale qty = 500 kg approx). I did not make it though in the end (most likely because the owner was afraid that i will fail haha), but it was certainly a memorable experience. :)
@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
10 Sep 12
I have never tried making chocolate because I thought it was a very complicated thing to make. It was only a short time ago that I found a simple recipe to try out but I have not tried making it yet. One of these days I will see if it comes out well.
@natliegleb (5186)
• India
9 Sep 12
i tried once but i failed miserable and i suspect that is very annoying for me,i never ever touched cocoa in my hand later and i feel bad for it,it was a disaster
@berting600 (3461)
• Philippines
9 Sep 12
You are definitely correct there my friend that due to the fact you are adding butter in your ingredients in making your chocolate product.That could not be the case of me because we have a couple of planted cocoa in our backyard.When the right time to harvest it is also the time to sun dry the cocoa seeds,then when it is already very dry,we have to roast it in a very hot temperature to make the cocoa more desirable when made into cocoa drink.Then,we have to open the cocoa seeds from its hard cover. The inner part are place in a clean container ready to be grinded into powder form from the machine,but since cocoa are made up of solid fats,the grind products made appears sticky and the aroma of rich chocolate flavor makes you crave to taste it because it is really very enticing to make you eat it all.
@subhojit10 (7384)
• India
9 Sep 12
Well i have never tried making a chocolate although i have seen quite a many times of its preparation on TV. It is simple and less time consuming and can be made any time and can be served to the guests also. It would be interesting to make chocolates at home as we always have it from markets and malls. What say?