He's A Fool

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
September 9, 2012 6:33pm CST
i know there is nothing i could do about this situation, but my brother is a fool. he took this crack head in one night that showed up on his door step. two days later (literally) they were a couple. she was the "lady of the house", they were going to be together, trying to have a baby and everyone was going to accept her and act like she is not what she is, like it or not. okay, so we get her rammed down our throats, she gets pregnant the first time while she was still using drugs. she couldn't handle the new life style, left out one day to get high, then called my brother telling him she got an abortion. a couple of months later (2, to be exact). he takes her back. 1 month after that, she decides that she wants to have a baby. this is because she saw everyone else around her having babies. besides, her best friend told her that if she wanted to keep my brother, she should get pregnant and keep a baby. she announces that she wants to get knocked up. my brother and her went back and forth, breaking up and getting back together. yes, this is all in a four month time period after her third abortion with my brother kids this time. they broke up, got back together again! a week later, she is pregnant. flash forward, the kid comes out....looking NOTHING like my brother. my brother is blinded to the fact that may not be his kid. he is not only blinded. he will be enraged if you suggested it. my stupid sister and step and mom is also buying into it. i KNOW that is not is his kid. i KNOW she got pregnant to try and trap him. i pretend to like her because of my brother, but i don't trust her. she is manipulative. she is a leo. it's all about her and she gets what she wants no matter what or who. i just had to write about this because, i can't talk about this out in public. i wouldn't be met with popular demand and it will strain relations with my brother. so, i have to pretend to like her and accept that is my nephew, even though i know it's not. the kid looks nothing like my brother. he looks just like his ugly mother and someone else. sigh. poor fool.
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• China
10 Sep 12
I just get confusing,why your brother did that? if he loves her badly,he could do sth to help her out and enjoy life with the girl. he maybe failure,in that case,he should take into consider whether he can accept the girl as it is now,if not,just leave,before both were badly hurt..... if he didn't love her at all,then maybe there is sth wrong with your brother,whe dit he do that for the girl? it's not his business....
@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
You ate in a tough dituation. it is hard to convince your brothet that the baby is not his son because he loves the girl so much. if you really have this feeling that the kid might reslly be your nephew, find a way on how you can prove ut a.d when tou are really sure about it snd you have evidence to prove your claim then that is the perfect time to tell your brother about it.