I am self-learning how to become a property agent

September 10, 2012 8:00am CST
I've been having this deep interest in property selling and renting ever since my brother asked me to help him find a buyer for a piece of land that belonged to his friend. Actually, even before that, I did it on and off. I wasn't really serious until I met my new friend, Doris. She is quite a successful freelance property agent. I find that she is not highly educated but she is hard-working and has deep passion in this field. She also does her job well and her customers trust and rely on her. She doesn't mind doing simple work like paying management fees on behalf of her customers. She shared to me how she started in her business. It was a very humble beginning. So, I am learning from her, she becomes my guru now. There's a lot to learn. I think selling property can sometimes help you make very very good money, so who knows I might hit 'this jackpot'...and be able to travel the whole world.
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