Is proactive a good long term solution?

November 21, 2006 11:07pm CST
i'm 23 now and have been suffering from acne for about 7 years already. i've tried everthing! am thinking of using proactive but have heard that u have to keep using it. do u have to keep using it even if ur acne have improved greatly? i just dunt wanna spend my whole life using it!
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@alphabug (29)
• Thailand
23 Nov 06
I've experience that Flippinos who experience a result like you and he has the miraclous result with Juve Blemish Control. Add me and I'll send you more info personally if you want.
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• Canada
22 Nov 06
There is a new product available in pharmacies here (Canada) that is made by the creators of Proactive. I can't remember the exact name off-hand, but it's called something like "Clear Solutions". (I'll look it up for you if you're interested.) Anyway, it is less expensive than the infomercial product and works just as well. I have been using it since it was introduced to the public and it does help noticeably. One of the medications I have to take roughly 2 weeks out of every month causes my skin to breakout and since using this product, I've had very few problems. It is true, however, that you (generally) have to keep using a product for continued benefits. If your acne is hereditary, using a topical product will not change your body chemistry, the oiliness of your skin, etc. But at least this product is a price-conscious alternative to more expensive brands. Another good product available in stores is Vichy Normaderm, and if you're concerned about skin care in general, their product line is not just geered toward the treatment of acne. In addition to using the above mentioned products, I have also switched to mineral-based foundation and powders (blush, etc.) and have found that my skin is much less sensitive to everythiing since doing this. I don't know if this applies to you, but Physicians Formula brand cosmetics are available in stores and is reasonably priced. Many other companies are now introducing mineral makeups as well, and for people with sensitive skin, they are generally well-tolerated.
@klday76 (182)
• United States
22 Nov 06
I am 30 and have been using it for about a year. My skin actually became worse than when I was a teenager. But now it is great. I will gladly continue to pay for this product for keeping my skin clear.
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