so i told my boyfriend that i was raped by my ex

September 10, 2012 11:26am CST
Last time I told you guys How my ex kinda raped me, I told my current boyfriend yesterday, he is angry that why I allowed him to give me parting kiss. Anyways we have filed a case against him. My boyfriend is taking care of my wounds and all, but he is not making eye contact and he is not as chatty as usually he is. Well I know he is upset and angry. But I am broke too. And him not talking to me hurts as well:'(
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@babyeve (1051)
• Seychelles
27 Sep 12
If he is avoiding looking you in the eyes it means that he is angry and also cannot bear to look into the eyes because he is a bit still mad at you. You should talk to him and settle this matter once and for all. Not speaking to each other will only make matters worse for your relationship with him
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
22 Sep 12
Your boyfriend feels the pain too because he loves you. He is thinking that he has this respect for you and yet somebody dared to put shame on you. That really hurts a lot.Just let him be that way for a while until he heals himself with the bad experience you have.
@inertia4 (27792)
• United States
21 Sep 12
Well, there has to be some consequence. Look, that is a big blow to him. He will recover from it. But now you have to do your part and rebuild that trust. Even though what you ex did was not your fault, you still did it. And that becomes now a trust issue. But since you told your current boyfriend that you were raped, he will get over it. And it is a good thing that he filed a case against him. Give him some time, be supportive. He will come around.
• Philippines
20 Sep 12
Try to understand that he's hurt as much as how you are hurting with what happened. Maybe you can try going out, just to forget everything even just for a while. I wish you get the justice for what your ex did to you and that may you find peace and happiness with your current boyfriend.
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
He is hurt too. It'll take time to heal. Just try to understand him. Things will get better. :)