Change or routine in a relationship can 'breed' suspicion between partners

@samson1 (738)
September 10, 2012 5:31pm CST
Why is changing a routine behavior or practice tends to cause problems in a relationship? For example, if one partner suggests to change a habit or routine practice such as a meal preparation or intimate habits into their relationship- for whatever reason there is- the mere suggestion of such a change can tend to 'breed' suspicion of infidelity by the recipient within the said relationship. Mylotters, what are your thoughts on this matter?
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10 Sep 12
I guess we just get so used to the patterns we have in our relationship that changes to this pattern upsets us. We are creatures of habit and when things don't go like they normally do, we get confused or upset. If it happens to be with a relationship, these changes can bring to mind suspicious activity. Once that thought is in your head, it will constantly eat at you. I think we need to just get used to changes or just simply not have routines and patterns for every little thing in a relationship.