Let's make a list of things that makes life more enjoyable!

@TheScupp (102)
September 11, 2012 9:03am CST
Hello! So I'm now on that part of life when I'm growing up and getting more independent all the time. I was recently a bit depressed and felt that I should figure out how to enjoy more of life because every moment is unique in every life. Basically I hope that I get as many responses as possible and please explain a bit more than just one sentence if it's not quote. I think this is the most important thing to know if you want to enjoy your life: Don't focus on negative things because when you do so, you feed universe with negative thoughts. Think positive things and you also get positive things back.
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
18 Sep 12
Good music, good food, sleep, sunshine, kittens, nature, good friends, being lazy, the feeling of relief, and finding a £20 note in your purse that you didn't know or forgot was there. For me the best things in life are those which are all around us and don't need money to buy or enjoy, although it is nice not to have to worry about not having enough money. I do think we need the negative though to balance out the positive - a bit like the Chinese ying-yang philosophy. The darker the night, the brigher the light that shines into it and with dark present (but not us being absorbed in it totally) the light shines so much brighter and is so much more noticeable.
• United Kingdom
15 Sep 12
There are a few things in my life that keep me if not entirely happy then at the very least, content. I enjoy regular cycling as it keeps me fit and when I am out on the bike I am experiencing real freedom. I also love reading and this keeps me happy as I can escape into other worlds and there's nothing wrong with escaping from life every now and then. I'm trying to be more positive as a rule and to keep me in a good frame of mind I tend to pick up a self help book. Life isn't too bad when I come to think of it. I suppose what would make really happy is to win big on the lottery but I'm pretty certain that everyone has the same wish or goal. Andrew
@eagletrek2 (5275)
• Kingston, New York
11 Sep 12
Hi number 1 thing to do is read postive motiation books like think and grow rich dale carnige books, no.2 think postive all the time tony robbison books are all so good to do not let people get you in to negtive try to avoid them if possible ok have a good day
• Philippines
11 Sep 12
Things that make life more enjoyable for me: indulge in my favorite foods. spend time with my friends by watching movies together and trying out new restaurants and coffee shops. catching up on my favorite celebrities as I am a devoted fangirl. Make time for your passion. Whatever it is, singing, writing, handicrafts, artworks. It should make one's life more fulfilling when he or she is able to do this. Conversations with someone who are on the same wavelength with you. Travel to places where the culture is far different from yours. Bottom line is, life is too short, avoid doing things that would make you unhappy. As long as you are doing what you like, you'll know your time is well-spent.