My First MLM Account (PROFITCLICKING) and Interested to Join others

@ayuzawa (422)
September 11, 2012 10:43am CST
I was once addicted to PTCs since 2008 and I agree that there's not much earning from them especially if you don't have much referrals and I am not good at referring nor lack the techniques on how to promote them. I got fed up and left them for quite a while now and recently, I was invited by my friend in PROFITCLICKING. Well it is actually known as JUSTBEENPAID before it upgraded to PROFITCLICKING. It is an MLM or Multi- Level Marketing. I was able to join a month before the site migrated and just when I decided to invest for 1 position, the site becomes so busy migrating the members' accounts. I became doubtful until now and quite hesitant if I will pursue investing my money there. I am doubting the sites credibility already since the site's delay in operation keeps on extending. The former program (JBP) was so promising that it cause me sleepless nights after reading the members' testimonials. I was so excited and that made me join the site last July. I don't have to refer anyone to earn. Referring is just an option but with great bonus of course. Since PC is my first MLM I was quite regretful why I haven't tried it for the past years. Well of course, there are lot's of scammers out there and you don't want to take risk too right? Especially if the money invested comes literally from your own pocket. It makes me wonder, are there any other stable and new MLM sites out there such as JBP that I can join too which doesn't require recruitment and sponsoring and has a lower initial investment? Can you tell me also which MLM sites similar to PROFITCLICKING that uses Paypal as payment processor for withdrawing and funding? I do have little fund in Paypal and would like to invest them in a stable program.
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