Have you ever tried cheating on your exam?

@blinjk (613)
September 11, 2012 5:55pm CST
Some people cheat because they usually did not study their lessons and just cheat by copying to their classmate or by making small notes and look at it when the teacher is not around.There are many things that you can use just to cheat. My cousin who was really addicted to poker did not study and it is their exam tomorrow. What she did was she took a picture of their notes using her iphone.His boyfriend reviewed and still got a low score but my cousin get a high score. They were laughing about it and for them it is fun. I also did cheat when we were in grade 4 with classmates. We saw our exam coverage and copied the answers.It is fun but cheating is no good because you will not able to learn by doing it.
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@KOSTAS499 (1625)
• Greece
12 Sep 12
Who hasn't? There are some times that the lesson of the day is hard and if you know a exam is coming you need "help". Or sometimes you get bored of studying. I remember a teacher saying that no on can teach in his class and that he would give an A to anyone who made it. We all did and he never found out....
• Philippines
11 Sep 12
cheating may not be right, but, it is one phase a student has to go through to be sociably healthy. We all have to gain that experience to help ourselves identify whether we would want to do it again, or, if the guilt of having a cheated high score isn't worth it.