We Are Finally Done

@ARIES1973 (9539)
Legaspi, Philippines
September 11, 2012 10:20pm CST
At last! We can finally go home in a few days, 5 days to be exact. With our 3-month stay on this place, I learned a lot of things from the physical profile, the people’s way of living, political status and a lot more. The reason why we are here is that this is one of the requirements of our agency, to be able for us to study the present situation in local governance of the municipality. I really find it hard to adopt on the situation, not because the people are not accommodating, because the truth is they are very and I have nothing against the people of this place, but because I am separated from my family. Being a mother, I really find it hard for me to be working in another place while leaving my family behind. Well, at least we are nearly done. We can go home already and face new work related challenges. This is not the end. We are just starting on the real battle. Hopefully, I could overcome all other obstacles that will come along our way. With that 3-month, I know I owe you a lot my fellow myLotters. You are here with me during the hard times. Remember when I shared that a thief entered our boarding house early in the morning? When my pair of cinderalla shoes was broken? When we violated the instructions of our supervisor? The continuous power interruption? I know some of you were able to read those posts. I thank you all for being supportive all the time. Now, I can say that I had made it. I am done on this part.
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
Congrats, at least you've almost done with the project and overcome homesickness. Anyway, that's a good step for in -dependency. Now you know how to survive away from your family and loved ones. That's the greatest achievement you've gained aside from the success of your project.