Who are the Celebrities that has good attitude or character?

Pasay, Philippines
September 12, 2012 3:34am CST
[b]Have you met any celebrities it can be local or foreign that has good attitude and character especially on how they interact with you and to other people? What are your experiences when you have already encountered the celebrities personally? Why do you say that he or she has a good attitude? Can you tell us who they are even if we don't know them because they are celebrities of your own country. Share with us your experiences with them. [/b] In my case I could share the foreign one which I believe you should know him because he is a singer of love songs that you really like. I am talking about David Pomeranz who became nice to me. When I met him my boss introduced me to him and informed him that I am the graphic artist. He expressed his appreciation to my designs for his marketing collateral. He even talked to me regarding the softwares that I am using for my design. In local celebrities they are too many to mention. Most of them are housemates of Pinoy Big Brother.
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