Do you like Lady Gaga's fashion statements?

September 12, 2012 8:32am CST
Lady Gaga has exhibited different fashion statements. Very futuristic, she wears unique ensembles in her concerts and inspires a lot of teens. Her dresses are designed by known designers and her sky scraper heels are so dangerous to wear. They're literally killer heels which has been adopted in the fashion industry. I personally like them because it shows her uniqueness. If that's the way she likes to dress up and to be known then I appreciate her. What do you think?
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• Philippines
13 Sep 12
Indeed, she's one of the most head turners in the biz. when it comes to fashion... I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga, not only because of her being different but because she has passion for her craft. I love her style and artistically, all her works may it fashion or music because she's brave and she's not afraid of anybody's reaction. She's an inspiration for people who's afraid of being real.
• Philippines
13 Sep 12
Her fashion style is truly eclectic. I know a lot of people find her fashion statement weird (like," hey, I would rather die than wear those!"), but it is her statement. She is so comfortable with herself and her fashion sense shows she has no hang-ups and is just channeling her art.
• United States
12 Sep 12
I love Lady Gaga. She has to be one of my favorite stars she really goes with what her heart feels and does it. I love the fly by the seat of her pants woman she is. I know that some of her outfits have been extreme but I remember when parents were freaked out by a disco rock band in the 70's by the name of Kiss so for me I think that she is great. Really shows kids and people to not be afraid to be them selfs. Great role model.