greatest wish.

@Angelpink (4022)
September 12, 2012 11:56am CST
I got a greatest wish if only God will allow me , you know what is it my dear friends ? It is all about my dad. I want to ask God to bring back dad to us. He was the greatest dad but was gone 5 years ago. Until now his memories are so fresh and still missing him so much , though i know he is happy with the Father in heaven. This is my greatest wish , how about you friend , do you have any greatest wish ? share it please.
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• United States
12 Sep 12
My greatest wish... I think my greatest wish for now is just to live happily and healthy with the guidance of the Lord.. I haven't thought any like yours.. Maybe someday I would have :P
@Winike (65)
• Hungary
12 Sep 12
my wish is able to speak all languages without doubt...
@Bhebelen14 (5206)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
I can feel how you miss your dad so much and for sure you a lot of happy and unforgetable memories with him. You might can not see him but for sure he is watching and praying for you and your family all the time from Heaven. My greatest wish is to get have a child because it can complete my family and can bring more love and bond in my marriage life.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
I can sense that you really miss your dad. I have so many wishes, not for myself alone but for the others too. I want a paradise where people lives with peace and happiness.
12 Sep 12
aww angelpinlk, seems like you are really missing your dad, i actually have a huge wish that my parents always stay with me and from somewhere i turninto a murmaid overnight:D, i have r4eally stupid wishes if i start listing them down i am sure no one would like to follow:), but i got little sad after reading your commentt i can only wish that you dream about your dad everyday in anything if you need him ever.