What do you work in ODESK?

Pasay, Philippines
September 12, 2012 10:07pm CST
[b]What do you usually do in Odesk? Do you work all the same or different? For example aside from being graphic artist you are also a writer or you accept the task that is admin works like data entry jobs. Why do you choose that kind of work and how confident enough for you to do that work? Do you think the salary is always worth? Is there some instances that the Odesk wasn't able to pay you? Share with us your experience. Do you have stable client there already? Is he/she often ask you for more task after that client hired you? How much time do you usually spent when you are working in Odesk? [/b] I am only doing graphic artist design most especially in printing since that is my forte. There are times that I wasn't able to get paid even though I was able to report that client but there are times of course that I was being paid. There are times that I've already exceeded the deadline because of some reason especially when it is conflict here at work.
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• Philippines
14 Sep 12
I do admin tasks. I started as VA there, but now, all my contracts are for web researching. Before, I have had share of scammy offers but, I was always alert on those. I just started in oDesk last year, and most of my present contracts are repeat clients, so yea, I could say I have stable clients--1 client been with me since started. I am from the Philippines, and my rate is higher than the average salary here, so far I am satisfied. Your work usually for fixed-price contract, that's why there the risk of non-paying clients, but I hope you get more paying ones. Good luck!
• Pasay, Philippines
15 Sep 12
Oh yeah that is the problem and yet I would feel like being creative slave because of the low rate. But then I am still accepting it as part of my sideline or extra money.
• Philippines
15 Sep 12
If you think that they are paying you less than your worth, then don't accept it. Personally, speaking I started as low rate but I gradually increase it in every new contract. Now, I won't accept lower than $3 'cause honestly it isn't that easy being in front of my pc 4-5 hrs a day. Bid higher, I'm sure you have a talent.
• India
11 Feb 13
It has been almost an year since i joined Odesk.I do not have a stable client in Odesk and i do apply for different jobs in Odesk.So far i did get three assignments.Well,i do different types of jobs out there like blog or article writing and then data entry and other related stuff including programming.I have been able to keep things within the expected deadline so things are fine so far.I was earlier having a 5/5 rating, unfortunately now its i 4.46.I am trying to raise the bars and bring it back to the near 5 area.Well,i do keep on bidding on the jobs and so far it has not been easy.I have not got a job so far in last 3 weeks over there.I was selected for 3 assignments but then nothing happened over them sadly.I also do not bid or take up assignments whose employer does not have payment verified.It helps me to be safe with my things and plans.I do not spent much time in odesk.Its like hardly 30 minutes a day in odesk.But then odesk is a great place to earn well.It took me four months to get my first assignment but then i am happy about that achievement and well hopefully i can get better things in time.Good to hear your part of things as well.Thanks!