Have you met deceiver or bad imployer in freelance website ?

September 13, 2012 3:54am CST
The day before yesterday, I tried to search for translation job in a freelance website and saw a job post titled-- Urgent: Translation of document from Chinese into English due in 8 hours. This guy showed their position in Singapore. I saw there were a few contractor sent their propsal already. So I sent my proposal upon this job , too. The next day, I received the message from this guy and invite me to discusss about the job in Skype. I added him in Skype and chatted for a few sentences. Then he asked me what is the deadline to finish the job, it is possible to finish as his deadline request,etc... Then he asked my to translate a few sentences and send to him to check my English level. Then he said OK. And he will give the job to me . But later he said, could you pls send as much as you can to me by 3:00pm and he need to send to his client for approval . He can pay equal amount as the total payment to me for the sample. So I asked him to award the job through the freelance website and fund his payment to the freelance website then I can start to work on it since it is the rule of the freelance website. That is , I can't send any work done to him before he fund the money on the freelance website. But he just simplely awarded the job to me but without funding the payment. Today morning, I opened the website and found the payment still unfunded. I send a notice to him and ask him to make fund to the freelance website and then I will send the job finished to him. He sent me a reply that he had turned to another contractor since the urgentness. What a nonsense! I checked this guy's recond in the website and found he award the similar job to nearly ten persons before and had no any result shows. I don't know what he wanted to do. Is this employer a bad guy or deceiver? What on earth he like to do? My dear friend , do you have similar experience like me?
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
14 Sep 12
Well to be very honest, i have never experienced such kind of situation before but i am gonna say u one thing that i have come across many such fraudulent and fake sites who have put up a lot of promises in order to lure people and extract their money. i don not know what the hell is wrong with these people? Y are they trying to deceive and play with the emotions of the people? They should be heavily punished. i wish u now have realized about what u did and expect u not to end up working with such fake sites in the future. What say?
14 Sep 12
Yeah! Person must be very careful for online job most of them is a scamer be wise and smirt.
@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 12
I never experienced it before. I quit freelance website since there are a lot of scammers. Before accepting the job, check the employer reputation first. And if you already followed the website rules whereas the employer didn't, then don't do the job.
• China
14 Sep 12
yeah,I do,well,i still remember that time,I was cheated for about 300 dollars,how stupid I was,you know,that time i was too young,now when i think of that thing,I feel it's rediculous.I'll tell everybody that nothing is in a vacuum,there is no free lunch,remember that.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
There are a lot of scammers online. I have experienced doing 2 different jobs online and was not paid. Employers saying they were not satisfied with the work I have done when in reality everytime I send them the end of day report they keep on asking for more info about a certain company which they did not tell me beforehand.