how many times do u go online with GOD than mylot?

September 14, 2012 2:32am CST
you wake up early in the morning,opens your pc check for blogs,discussion or emails. sometimes u take ur breakfast infront your pc just not to missed a single time for you to response to a blog or any form of discussion. then u take a bath do some routines and again share it to your blogs. at the end of the day before you sleep u still check your blogs for response and finally wave goodnight to everyone.. but did u ask yourself did u able go online with GOD..did u able to thank him or discuss with him, did u able to share your day to him? for now a days people forget who gave them the very basic of life.. who gave them the blessings everyday.. who wakes them up everymorning..who gave them air to breath.. almost everything that people need.. cmon guys did u? no matter what u believe or what religion u r, but we all agree that there is a creator.. and that creator we need to share our blogs our lives.^^
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• Philippines
4 Nov 12
every day I am online cuz of my work. Not a single day, even in my deep sleep I am thinking about GOD. There is no room not to think of him. If you loved him and honor him.. his name and his face is your strength. I'm privilege of that cuz our GOD is so good and amazing I have to live for him everyday. lots of love: blink
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
This is indeed a thought provoking discussion. A thought to be pondered. I've always put God in my heart and every time I have a chance to share His goodness in my life I always take the opportunity but to be asked if I'm always on line to Him I do but it's not enough. Not enough as much I spend my time in mylot and my work. I talk to God as if He's my friend it's good; but I've realized that a friend I don't give Him much time as a friend do. I felt empty and as if everything is not enough for I knew that what I did the time I spend to Him is not really enough. I also believe that I can spend time with God more this next week and the coming days until He come to get me.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
14 Sep 12
I have not been online with God lately and I feel guilty about it. I will do my best to go online with God from now on. I used to be but a month now that i have been feeling lazy and very ignorant about it. Good thought. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.
@fatlex06 (895)
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
Yes. I get online with god before I go to sleep. I told myself that I always have to pray before sleeping. This is my time for me to talk to him privately, thank Him for what he did, ask for forgiveness and ask for guidance as well. I also thank Him if ever I got a good news or receive some gift from him. I thank Him immediately. :) Those are just my simple ways of getting online with him. I also go to church ofcourse.