Which of the ways online earns best?

September 14, 2012 7:20am CST
There are a lot of ways to earn online. Which of the following gives you the best result? 1. Applying for work on virtual sites like odesk, elance, guru, vworker; this includes data entry, web research, transcription, web design, programming 2. Article Writing; includes blogging and submissions to revenue sharing sites 3. Forum posting 4. PTR and PTC (Exactly how much are you earning on this sites worth your time?) 5. Affiliate Marketing (How much conversion rate do you get doing this method?) 6. E-bay and Amazon online stores; this includes site flipping, auction listing and selling
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@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 12
I like the last number.E-bay and amazon are big companies and still survive till now.Lots of internet marketer has been succeed with that.But i think it needs more time to get more money with them.Now my way is combine between forum posting, article writing and amazon online stores.Hope someday i can create my own product and sell on e-bay.
• China
15 Sep 12
I think second is the best,because since it is to make money online,it is often sit at home or in front of a computer,and his thoughts must be reserved,such a person must be suitable for writing stuff,this occupation for his character,since it is this kind,second kind of writing should be earn the most money.
@nhieleiko (109)
• Philippines
15 Sep 12
For me, I will go for odesk because you will be the one who will bid your price. As long as you have a good reputation, more clients will hire you. It also depends on how long you are doing the job and their feedbacks when you finished a certain job.
@bknabe (5)
• United States
15 Sep 12
I'm making money on Swagbucks. It's not a whole lot, but I work it into my regular surfing so it's not like I'm spending a lot of time for peanuts. If I was trying to make a living at it I would say it's too much time for the money. I've made a little money on survey sites, but they're not worth it, IMO. I'm selling articles at a couple of sites. That is decent money. It will be better when I get to the point that I can get at least two 500 word articles an hour. I've made decent money on eBay, but I have trouble finding good suppliers so it's more of an online garage sell from time to time for me. I have never been able to make 1, 3 and 5 work.
@andreas91 (140)
• Indonesia
14 Sep 12
Well, applying for No. 1 sure will result in some money, but it is becoming hard nowadays to get a job, especially if you are new to those websites and do not have any special skills in particular (data entry as such). I myself have only tried number 3 and 4. Indeed the money earned in number 4 is actually not worth the hard work, but considering that I have a full time job, well, I just do it to fill my spare time at work (haha). Nevertheless, in my opinion, number 1 is the most earning one, if you have some special skills and already have good ratings. :)
@iwrite (5041)
• Singapore
14 Sep 12
I can offer you another choice, there is an opportunity for you to make money with forex trading. There is of course some risk but what I can see it can provide a pretty decent income.
@micha5088 (555)
• Malaysia
14 Sep 12
So far, I've earned from no. 2 and 6 only. I would like to start on no. 5 but I don't know if I can write more articles because when you do business online, you need to write all the time. *sigh* I only have two hands and an old brain. *chuckle*
@Downwindz (2230)
• Netherlands
14 Sep 12
Which method that works the best for you depends on your skills and abilities. Thus for one person some areas are better than for other persons. In otehr words where do you have your core experience? The only think I would remove from that list would be data entry, usually the payrate is so low that it is not worth spending your time on it.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
14 Sep 12
hmm you have hell lot of information on how to make money online and I hope that you are making lots yourself. Good information. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.