Do you take it personally when people dont comment on your pics on facebook?

@kemak28 (738)
United States
September 14, 2012 4:47pm CST
I normally could care less if people comment or hit like on my status or pic I post on Facebook. But at times I wonder why a certain person no longer does it because they are mad at me? My sister in law for example she used to always comment and she no longer does and I'm guessing because she's mad at me which I know she is. I thought at first well maybe shes just not on there much anymore but I see her on there a lot and she comments on our other friends pics. Just's petty and stupid I know but it bothers me too.
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@soraya452 (127)
16 Sep 12
Too be honest I couldn't care less who comments on my Facebook pictures or not. I'm much more interested in whats going on in real life. I would suggest talking to your sister in law face to face to find out why she's angry with you.
@kemak28 (738)
• United States
16 Sep 12
Oh I already know why she's mad at me....I just find it interesting that she will no longer comment on anything like she used to.
@jugsjugs (13045)
16 Sep 12
I do not care who do or do not comment on photos or status updates of mine. I do not go on face book much, but when I do I look to see what people have been posting and put like on most of the things that they have put up, but there are always people on there that are posting things all of the time. I would not worry who likes or do not like things, after all its only face book.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
16 Sep 12
I not take anything seriously if friends not comment then good thing because if anyone write danger comment then feel bad so no comment is good. Why you are thinking about this small thing. You should pay attention on mylot so earning, learning, enjoying everything is here. Puts your profile photo then I will comment on it.
• Indonesia
15 Sep 12
Yeah, that will bother me too if the person used to commented to your pictures has stopped doing so, especially if you know that person mad at you... But it can't be helped though, don't let it bother you too much...
@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
Yes, you will really feel bad because if you are used to receiving comments from a certain person and then he/she suddenly stopped commenting because you know she's mad at you. For me I don't bother if I can't receive any comment or whatever from friends on fb as long as I am not used to receiving comments from them. You know, I have a bad trait which I'll share to you. One time, my husband told me that a certain friend who was my friend on fb told him that she always see me online early in the morning. My husband knows about this habit of going to the computer after waking up and open my fb account at the same time open mylot, I left my fb account opened and nothing was done while doing mylot. I was shocked why she told my husband about it. What I did was unfriended her. Now we are no longer friends on fb. I regretted doing it. I likewise regretted having reacted immediately when there was nothing wrong with telling my husband about it.