Just how much should a wife support the husband?

September 14, 2012 11:16pm CST
I know DT for a few years now. Before, I only saw her a few times and was not close with her. But after getting to know her, I now understand why her husband is so 'famous' in our neighbourhood. Her husband is known to be a very judgemental person, very hot tempered, always think of himself as a righteous person and a chosen person of God. The fact is her husband is just plain 'show-off' and has 'a big mouth'. But whenever someone tries to point out DT's husband's imperfections, DT's husband would get mad like hell and DT would act as the most supportive wife in the world. It is obvious for anyone to see that DT is the stupid type who just follows every word that her husband says. Isn't it better to point her husband mistake and save their family from being seen as a ridiculous family than trying to 'spoil' her husband and the family's image? What you think mylotters?
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@shello (964)
• United Arab Emirates
15 Sep 12
It is actually right to have a wife supporting her husband at times but not at all circumstances. A wife should be at her husband side not necessarily to support him with all his doings including the bad ones but she should be there to tell her that what he's doing is wrong. It is her responsibility to tell her husband the truth and to save her family from being ridiculed. Well, a righteous wife does not consent such kind of a husband. After all, it is their family's image which will be ruined because of such wrongdoings.
@andy77e (5165)
• United States
15 Sep 12
I have become convinced that women have the most power to change their husbands for the better, than anyone else in a man's life. However, I also believe that women for some reason, instinctively do the very opposite, by dividing themselves from their husbands by their actions. A woman contradicting and pointing out her husbands mistakes in public, is the absolute worst thing a women can do. It will bring shame to herself, and him, and cut off any ability to influence him for the better. I have personally witnessed this happen. I watch a woman, humiliate her husband in public, and it was disgusting and pathetic. My respect for both of them was completely gone by the time they were finished. Yet I know of another couple, and the wife never once contradicted her husband in public. Now in private? You bet. But not in public. She surely made her case in private, and discussed the issues at hand. It benefits both of them this way. So as to this DT, it depends. What you see in public may not what is going on in private. Although it could be, but you don't know for sure. Hopefully she's working to change him for the better.
@nick1127 (10)
• India
15 Sep 12
Definitely. DT should let her husband know about his weaknesses. If she supports him in whatever he does, one day he will look down upon her as well. If she is unable to let her husband know about his weakness due to any reason she must consult a psychiatrist and fix a meeting for her husband with the psychiatrist as soon as possible. This will help her and her family's image from getting worse.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
15 Sep 12
It is normal to be at your husband's side whenever necessary. And if you were put on the same predicament, I am sure you will feel a bit hurt and ashamed at the same time if you hear other people not telling good things about your husband. But it also has to have some limitations in supporting your husband. If you know that he is no longer going good towards others, then, as a wife it is your duty to tell him his shortcomings. You should never tolerate his bad deeds just for the sake of him being your husband.