Guys, Help me, i want to have friends

September 15, 2012 2:22am CST
Hello to all people here in mylot, im a newbie here, im from phils, .. i would like to have friends here so i can relate to some discussions and respond. By the way im working as a factory worker here at phils, im gay and 19 yrs of age,. i want to meet new people from different country , i want to make friends with you guys,.. thanks, i hope you add me.
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• United States
15 Sep 12
Hi im also new to my mylot. As long as you keep posting new discussions and responding to others you will make plenty of friends in no time. Good luck!
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• Portugal
17 Sep 12
hi^^ nice meeting you. i can be your friend if you want^^ im happy you found mylot. you live in pinas? thats amazing. i really like pinas. Even i never been there yet i have a few online friends from there and they are sweet. also i saw some pictures of pinas and it seems a very cute place. like a paradise. for vacation must be a sweet place to go to^^ by the way how are you today?
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
im already 19 years old, yeah thats right phils, was a very beautiful place when get there, peoples around re so nice and generous, why dont you try to have a vacation here at summer, the Boracay Beach here in phils was one of the tourist attraction..
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
17 Sep 12
If the person respond on your discussions send the friend request to them and if you respond on others then also send friend request to those mylotters. Nice working in factory and welcome in mylot.
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
17 Sep 12
hi archeramia, welcome to mylot, I'm also originally from the Phils but I moved to another country to live with my husband. There are also many other filipinos here as well as many good people from all over the world. Happy mylotting and may you always have a good time here and find many friends.
@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
Hi there archeramia!Welcome to mylot. Just post any discussions and you will meet a lot of friends here and you should also respond on some discussions that you can relate with.You can talk or discuss anything here but you should also follow the rules and guidelines so that you will avoid to be banned here.Well, have a good day!I hope you will meet a lot of friends here.