how would you describe garcia and morgan's relationship?

September 16, 2012 1:16am CST
I haven't seen al the episodes. so far I only got to the one where garcia was shot and morgan was protecting her from the bad guy:)). he was like her knight in shinny armour. to me they seem like more than friends. I like it when they call each other names :)) and I remember that morgan once told her that he's going to spank her( I wish it was me in her place). she's obviously into him but he sometimes acts like her big brother, while other times.... what do you think?
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@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
17 Sep 12
Later on in the show, their relationship will get a little more defined. They are just really good friends. They work well together, they do seem to understand each other quite well, they seem to know what the other one is thinking and feeling at any one time. I have always thought that their banter is a coping mechanism. It seems that the darker the case the more they need that levity that their talks give. It is one of those wonderful relationships, true friendship. I hope they never try to make them into a romantic couple, not because I think it would not work - they would be great together, but because it is one of those very few onscreen friendships between a man and woman, where it is not assumed they will end up together. Most onscreen parings, Becket/Castle (Castle), Brennan/Booth (Bones) we know that sooner or later something romantic will happen between them, that they are intended to be together, so it is fun seeing them as just friends.
• Romania
17 Sep 12
I would see morgan with someone like JJ or prentis together not with garcia.