Why lizards kiss the ground on late afternoons or when the sun sets..

Lizard kissing the ground on late afternoons of wh - Why lizards kiss the ground on late afternoons or when the sun sets..
@meowchie (992)
September 16, 2012 8:18am CST
When i was younger, there was 1 late afternoon that i am not able to see my cat in our house. So I asked my uncle if he saw the kitty and he told me to go to our background coz he is sure that my kitty's there. Immediately i went there and to my surprise my uncle was right. I went back to him asking how come he knew and he gave me this answer: "I know because your cat loves to play with lizards..your cat knows that lizards do come down to the ground on sunsets, to kiss the ground as a sign of humiliation and thanks for the day that is about to end"..I then asked him, where did u learned of that? He told me it was what the elders tell them when he was still a kid.. So today, was searching for my kitty and again found her at the backyard and remembered the old conversation with my uncle.. I rushed to my PC and searched for this issue. And this is what an expert of nature answered. Lizards are cold blooded creatures..so on late afternoons or sunsets, the environment becomes cooler. Daytime, the lizard's temperature became warm, so when the sun sets, these lizards need to go down to the ground so they can cope with the change of temperature bcoz the ground is still warm..their body adopts the temperature around them :D when they are ready enough, then they leave the ground and return to our home (their home too lol) So i realized.. lizards in nature are smart.. and my cat too of course ;))))
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@romzee (938)
• Philippines
16 Sep 12
Ahahaha... Nice to know the true nature why "butiki" kiss the ground during sunset. The elders use to say that they went to the ground to pray, but I didn't bother to question. Cheers!