Was US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens & other 03 Persons Responsible ?

Dhaka, Bangladesh
September 16, 2012 10:32am CST
Are we losing our human qualities day by day? Some 100 rouge Jews donated 5 million dollars and with this money Sam Bacile (not real name) and his party have made a film in the name of "Innocence of Muslims". In this film, Sam Bacile and his group have misinterpreted Islam, Muhammad and Al-Qur'an. Obviously it is not a wise and good job made by a group of Jews. In the consequence, Muslims in most all Muslim countries have expressed their dissatisfaction. Muslims can request US Government to take legal actions against these rogue Jews. It is very normal but can they exceed the limit of procession and kill innocent US Ambassador and other persons at US Embassy in Libya? US Ambassador of Libya Christopher Stevens was not at all connected with this film. Moreover, this film was not made in the Hollywood. So, US Government is not responsible for this film as well. We hope US Government would take immediate actions against Sam Bacile and his group. We also hope that Libyan Government would take appropriate actions against the real culprits, who have killed innocent US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other three persons of US Embassy in Libya. The way some Jews have patronized and SAM Bacile made this film "Innocence of Muslims" is not at all acceptable. On the other hand the way the Arabians are protesting, also not at all acceptable. As an educated man, I condemn the activities of Sam Bacile and his party and Arabian Muslims.
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@challs12 (549)
• Malaysia
17 Sep 12
I feel sorry to the family of Christopher Stevens and other people that killed at Libya. I didn't follow anything about the film that you've been talking about. I only interested with the fact that most members raised here about the jewish and egyption who sponsor the movies that insult Islam, Muhammad and Quran. I think the first opinion is correct that the jewish sponsor for creation of the film and the second opinion also correct that the sponsor is egyption. You all just miss out one fact in reality that egyption originally Moses follower and they are jewish. But they have splitted into 3 believers, that is Orthodok jewish, Christioan and Islam. Must remember that, most egyption are jewish no matter what their religion are.
• Kingston, New York
17 Sep 12
Hi. 1 this film was Not made by anyone Jewish The people who made This film want you To blame the Jews for it because the Jewish new year Started last night One of the person who help On the film has a Jewish name but he not Jewish 2 Egypt people are Not Jewish before Moses they pray to idol. Any one Jewish In Egypt would have trouble living there.
@eagletrek2 (5275)
• Kingston, New York
16 Sep 12
Hi 1 this was not made by Jewish people 2 this was made by some Egypt Christian and A person who has a Jewish name But is not Jewish 3 USA is free nation so we can not do anything From government points OK good day
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
18 Sep 12
Hi Eaglerek, it is the responsible of US Government to find out the actual perpetrators, who made this film to excite common Muslims. It is the responsibly of Libyan Government to find out the actual perpetrators, who killed US ambassador and his subordinates. Standing at the 2100 century, we cannot expect such an unwanted situation. We all are the creations of one God. We all are the children of one Mother Hawa/Eve and one Father Adam. We should realize the reality. People of Israel and Palestine should realize the reality that they have to live side by side. They have to decide, whether they would keep their lands uncertain in the future for their children or not. Have a nice day.