What is Sleep Paralysis?

September 16, 2012 9:53pm CST
Ok, what is sleep paralysis? I don't know what is the actual term of sleep paralysis in your country. In my country it's called "Ketindihen" (a devil riding your back - sounds weird,rite? ). Well, some of them who link it with a mystical experience said that the sleep paralysis happened because there was a devil who lied down on your body - that's why you could move your body at all BUT ONLY YOUR EYES ! You even couldn't ask for a help (I have tried to scream and it went failed over and over) - moreover, the more you try to ask a help, the more you feel it becomes worse (being panic just make you hard to breath) . Some of them who have been sleep paralysis could hear some Well, fortunately - there wasn't a devil nor a ghost riding my back . It is a sleep disorder which could be explained scientifically. Some experts say that SP happens because there is a sleep malfunction in REM phase . So, when the brain has done with REM and woke you up - but the body hasn't already done with REM! So, the your motoric nerves weren't activated (when we are sleeping, there is a phase where brain inactivates the motoric nerves) , and taraaa.. this was it ... the sleep paralysis! I remember exactly the first time of my sleep paralysis was when I was on the second year of junior high school - and I was in the boarding school. I make this issue into a discussion because recently I have been SP for over 5 times and one of them almost made me into the further phase called Astral Projection (No, no. I'm not going to make this into a new topic.) So, have you ever been Sleep Paralysis? Please feel free to share your experince here !
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@asliah (11149)
• Philippines
14 Nov 12
hi, i know that because i experienced it sometimes,and that is true while sleeping you couldn't move like a paradise or there is something heavy in your body and you can't even shout out or talk too,its happen to me especially when i am alone sleeping at home,they said that its also a nightmare.
@adhyz82 (36289)
• Indonesia
18 Sep 12
but what happens with my mother is different with your case.. my mother feel there are "something" that suppress her body and it make she is hard for breathing... when my father hand touch her, the suppress is over...