why does men fell in love with other women even they are married?

@ranilo70 (177)
September 17, 2012 5:19am CST
Friend is a friend. Why does some men fell in love with other woman aside from their wife? Aren't they satisfied with their wife? Why is that so?
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• China
5 Oct 12
I think the man fell in love even they are married just for fun. The other kinds of feeling ,freshness.
25 Sep 12
Hmm, I think when some men married their wife, didn't have a true love for their wife, and they didn't know what the purpose of marriage, or they are a playboy, or their wife are not be a good wife for them. Many possibilities that can happen for them. If their marriage is based on the feeling of love and the men are faith men, I think it will not happen. :D
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
17 Sep 12
I believe that for a marriage to work both partners need to have chosen to be in that relationship through thick and thin. The problem is that some people get girlfriends/boyfriends just for the sake of being in a relationship and not being alone. When a relationship is started for selfish reasons, there is no way it can last when a prettier/handsomer, younger, richer, etc, person comes along and shows interest.
@romzee (938)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
There's a lot of reasons why men fell in love other than their wife. One good reason is they are not really in love to their wife, in the first place. But the usual reason I see around me is peers' pressure. Having other woman is a status symbol for 'man', the more the better. Man is polygamous by nature, even in the Bible, it is just ordinary that man having more than one wife. Only in modern days that man are prohibited to have many wife except maybe for Moslem.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
I think there would be a million of answers for that. Some just to spite their wife. Some just fell out of love from their wife. Some would just be doing it for fun until it becomes real.
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
I guess men are really polygamous in nature, lol! That being said, I guess it is likely to falling out of love or loss of passion or just probably the tendency of having the "fling" kind of attraction due to the animal instinct of being superior and dominant, thereby another prey would be an added feather to his cap.
@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
I really do not know why some married men fall in love with other women.Maybe because their relationship with their wife is not working,or maybe they have problems with their wife.There are lots of reasons why?,some are just doing it just for fun.I have known guys who are like that,but they can never leave their wife and family.