Reading plays a vital role in individual's life

September 17, 2012 7:03am CST
every single word that we learn can make us discover new things. it broadens our mind. it improves the way we think and decide. through reading we can develop our skills and be a better person. there is no impossible thing if you keep on reading. man should know that by the use of the text and other written kind of knowledge, we can make a difference not only in our self but also to our society.
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@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
17 Sep 12
You are right. Reading is an essential tool in learning a lot of things. It will help us learn and discover a new lots of things.These are the basic way of learning and gaining more knowledge.Reading broadens are knowledge and it also helps us to communicate well to others.We will be more knowledgeable in all issues that we encounter.
• India
17 Sep 12
I agree with you blinjk reading is essential part of our life. Getting knowledge sharing with others its good habit. I love reading and talking on different topics.
@dodo19 (33609)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
28 Sep 12
I do agree with you. It does certainly play a vital role in my life. We can certainly learn a lot by reading. It does help us develop skills, and grow. It's just great to be able to read, and such.
• Sweden
19 Sep 12
yes,I love reading as well. the more I read, the more profound my idea will be. If I do less reading,I even have no idea about how to have a nice time when I have nothing to do. reading is not reading,but also a method to broaden our mind.
@GemmaR (8526)
18 Sep 12
I think that it is very important to take the time in our life to read. When I was at University, I was not able to read anything that didn't have something to do with my course, and this is something that I really missed a lot. So now that I have finished I am taking some time for myself and making sure that I have the time to read things on a daily basis. I will make sure that I have at least one hour before I go to bed to be able to read my book. If I don't make the time then I find that I end up just never reading, and it would be a shame if that were to happen because reading is a very important thing in life.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 12
It depends on what things that we read though :P. Obviously, the more quality of things that we read will implies more quality of us.
@elsino91 (443)
• Poland
17 Sep 12
That's very true. Reading is one of the main ways, if not the main way that people transmit information to other. This is why learning how to read in society is such a vital skill. Reading as you said broadens the mind and helps develop the imagination of children when done from a young age. I think every parent should encourage reading to their children and buy them books, that is certainly something I will do when I have children.