How Come Neobux Success Stories are Unbelievable???

September 17, 2012 7:59am CST
I usually read Neobux Forum alot and I see alot of success stories their that some one earned 200$ a month,some say 400,some say 500$ and even some say 1000$. But i have never seen any one claiming that outside of Neobux. We are not allowed to start this kind of discussion in Neobux coz onece i've tried this and my account was suspended. So is there any one out side of Neobux can claim that he is earning a good amount in Neobux I would love to talk to him. Plz share your experience hear.
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• India
17 Sep 12
Hi friend, some persons really made a good income from neobux, they are the early bird members to this site and have a lot of direct and rented referrals with that site. Also some persons telling this kind of fake stories to get referrals to neobux, even some persons created some ebook about their neobux success stories and neobux strategies, ways to get neobux referrals and so on and selling it for 5 dollars or 10 dollars, really this kind of people are very smart to cheat others. It is really hard to make a good income in neobux for normal persons like us. As you mentioned your account is deleted in neobux due to this talk in the forum, we must be very careful while posting in the forum
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• India
17 Sep 12
The amount you can see is earned by compounding process in the 2-3 years. I believe those users had invested with a strategy and are getting the results after a period of time. They might have got the lot of direct referrals as in the early days referrals were easily available. The Neobux users mostly show what they have earned and not what they have received which can be the decisive factor.
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@marguicha (100503)
• Chile
18 Sep 12
I even doubt that. I had some direct referrals from the early days, but when neobux changed it´s policy they all fled. So this new neobux also has a mayority of new direct referrals. I am having to work for my downline from the begining.
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
17 Sep 12
I hate those kinda site but I have never heard anyone complaining really about neobux . It shocking to hear that someone making $1000 a month though . It sound so unbelievable to me but it would be nice .
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17 Sep 12
I joined the site a while ago and haven't had any payouts yet. It is frustrating, but I'm hoping that if I keep going I will make something, even just small amounts.
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19 Sep 12
I posted a very detailed response about neobux in the strategy for neobux discussion but I do beleive you can earn good money from the site, by good I mean a nice amount I think it would take years of good investments to earn the amounts some people claim but on the forums if they are lying they go to so trouble doing it, posting stats daily about their journey for this reason I beleive its true, I dont think one person would post daily updates for years making stats up they didnt have and working out all the averages for no reason. I myself make about a dollor a day there at the minute though thanks to the mini jobs and rented bots (people).
• Pakistan
20 Sep 12
Thanks for your reply buddy. Plz tell me how long have you been in neobux and have you upgraded you account. Plz tell me any strategy which you are working on.
@rodnac (187)
• Australia
4 Oct 12
It is possible if you have a lot of referrals. You don't really nedd to recruit to get referrals, you can just rent them. I dont know if the rented referrals are actually bot but if they are then they are good bots. I haven't cash out yet on neobux because I just invest to rented referrals which is really cheap.