It´s Too Hot !!

@Victoria7 (1242)
September 4, 2006 5:33pm CST
It hit 40 degrees C today & is still about that now!! We have a fan but it´s a bit lame. Does anyone have air conditioning? Is it expensive to run & do you think it´s worth it?
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@hopefoo (1145)
• Malaysia
11 Feb 07
WOW! 40 degrees Celcius! That's gotta suck. Are you in Melbourne? The hot days there are pretty drastic. I'm in Malaysia now but I know what the weather can be like over there. Yes, I do have air conditioning. Being on the equator there're only two variables. 1. Rainy and cooling. 2. Bright and hot. For those bright and hot days (like today, it was 35c), we really really do need the air conditioning, otherwise, noone would be able to sleep at all. It depends on what kind of air conditioning you get. Basically, the higher the horsepower, the more electricity it will consume. A good alternative to an air-conditioner is one of those fans that blow some cold air..I don't know what they're called, sorry ;)
@Victoria7 (1242)
• Spain
12 Feb 07
Melbourne?? No, I am in Gran Canaria, on the other side of the world. Why did Melbourne come to mind?! LOL
• China
6 Feb 07
Now,it is winter,it is very cold
@chalmette69 (3010)
• United States
20 Sep 06
It is terribly exspensive, my bill is outragous this month, but I had to do with out it during Katrina, so I don't plan on going with out it again, I hope.
• United States
15 Sep 06
I wish it was hot was rainy and cold. But i love A/c i think it's great especially at night. Totally worth it.
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
15 Sep 06
I would die w/o A/C the humidity is so high here that you would melt. I don't think our electric bills is that high. Since we do quite a few loads of wash and run the dishwasher a few times a week, I don't think cutting out A/C would make a big difference. We do make an effort to put the A/C up when we are not home so that it doesn't run up our power bill.
@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
14 Sep 06
yes and my electric bill is really high