Being the strongest person is not easy.

September 17, 2012 11:35am CST
Can you live life to the fullest? How do you enjoy every minute of your life? Are you the kind of person that can make yourself happy without the help of others? A man who cannot live life without others on his side? What would be your object to make yourself calm? Being a strong man is the best achievement in your life. Because you cannot pass all the trials or challenges in your life if you think you’re not. All of us thought that a crying person is the weakest one in this world, but we are wrong, because trials made us a better person. Crying doesn’t mean we are the weakest person, but only your inner self understand why we did that thing. We cried for the sake of others, it only means that we are mature enough to understand things around us. Also, it taught us how to overcome all trials in a better way. Maybe we are full of hatred and we tend to hide it by crying. Crying make us calm for a minute but it doesn’t mean that it removes our problems. Crying only teaches us how to solve problems on our own by realizing those things in life. It is the best way to comfort us in times of trouble. Crying makes us stronger person whom we thought we couldn’t be. They said tears composed of 1% water and 99% feelings. I believe that when you are in trouble you can easily cry thereafter you realized that you eased the pain and overcome and understand more the solution of the problem. Being the strongest person is not easy. We need to understand things then by then. We need to show others that we are not that person who easily break out, who did all things just to fight for what we want and fight for the things that we need. But we must put it in a nicer way. Because if we focus ourselves to be that strongest person we want it to be, we didn’t know that we can hurt others as much as we don’t want to. But you know what? For me, the best way to be the strongest person we want to be is the presence of people around us. Because being with those important to you is the best thing happened in your life. And being with them every day is a blessed from God. Without them, you can’t even realize the meaning of what the strongest person would be. They are the reasons why you are holding on into your life. In that simple thing, you learned that you are the strongest person that you want it to be. Live your life to the fullest. Be happy and contented of what you have right now. Nobody knows its worth till it’s gone. Expect those things that are unexpected to happen, because one day, those things will come into your life. In everything you do, just be yourself. It’s the most important of all.
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
It has never been easy to live day by day, waking with the same problems, not knowing how to get out of it and still get a lot more trials each day. But what can make a person happy despite this? I think just the mere fact that we are able to see a new day each morning and seeing all the people we love and loves us is enough to make us happy.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
17 Sep 12
Well i completely support your thought. In life we face many difficulties and challenges and it is our determination and courage that helps us overcome such challenges and move ahead. We need to be strong in this big bad world that boosts of many double sided and selfish people. We need to be strong within to adjust to the varying situations that we face daily. It is very much difficult to stay calm and poised and keep motivating ourselves. What say?
@riyauro (6428)
• India
17 Sep 12
being strong needs experience of life and along with is we become strong. It is hard to be strong but when you are strong you will be the happiest man in the world. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.