Forty PTC, it's amazing just to think about!

@alberello (4755)
September 17, 2012 6:04pm CST
Some time ago, chatting with friends and talking about extra money, I met a person who was registered in 40 PTC! Now I wonder, how is it possible to control the beauty of forty sites that pay you to click. Meanwhile, to begin with, and this has been documented, 97% of these sites are, or soon become SCAMM. For I am writing to only 2 (which not name, but they are very popular) and for me it's almost a fun click every day. But to be subscribed to as many as 40, should spend at least half a day to click, then the hope that at least some of them, really pay (many unknown to me, I've been cheated!). In short, I believe that the PTC much trust in the internet you can count, so it's really worth having tons, which may be a loss of time?
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• United States
18 Sep 12
That is true most of them become a scam or no longer exist. I am on only a few that have always paid me and I never paid a dime to sign up. There were some that I used to do that no longer exist. It took a lot of time to figure the bad ones out but I am satisfied with the ones I do that have been around for a long period of time.
• United States
18 Sep 12
I have never paid a dime for any p.t.c. either and I will never do it,
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
9 Oct 12
I cannot imagine how he manages those 40 sites.