Did you make a plan when you started working online?

@ARIES1973 (9537)
Legaspi, Philippines
September 17, 2012 7:20pm CST
I am one of those who really planned to find an online work several months ago. Although I know several people who work online like call center works, transcription, teachers, etc. But I know I could not do those things because I believe during those times that these kinds of works required full time. I know I cannot do that considering that I am working offline on a full time basis. Besides, I don’t have my laptop during those times. I only got an idea of working online when I was able to buy my laptop and I was separated from my family because of the kind of offline job I have. So, after several attempts, I was able to find some PTC sites and as I work with those sites, I realized that they are actually paying a very small amount for each click, like .001. So I made another plan of maintain several sites, I even made a listing of those sites and I accidentally opened the list and there are 30of them to be exact. That is contrary to what I have stated on my previous discussion which is around 20. I thought that if I have many sites, I would earn enough. But I was wrong, because most of those sites were closed after several weeks or so. Now I have to change my plan again. I have 4 PTC sites which I actually earn a little amount and I have myLot. I am planning to concentrate on writing. Well I still have to look for sites that are really paying well. Some survey sites perhaps will also do. And I want to try investment. I hope this plan will work for me this time. How about you my fellow myLotters, did you make a plan when you started?
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• Philippines
19 Sep 12
Hi Friend Aries, I made plan when I joined the business online but I am not really that active because I also work as a full time employee offline. For now, I am active only with mylot so I have not yet actually tried receiving earnings from online because I am not really full time at mylot. Well, I know some people who are enjoying working online and they indeed earn much more than offline workers do. So, I have planned tendering my resignation to try being active online. Happy mylotting!
• Egypt
18 Sep 12
that kind of working have rules to do.you should be a ware about the site and be sure that this site is legit or scam.if you are sure you should try it for a period of time and see.
• India
18 Sep 12
Hello Aries, Five years back, when I began working online it was just to spend my time and get busy somewhere. My brother advised me to set up a blog and helped me in every possible aspect that he could. I had no plans of my own to do anything because I was never interested in working. My dreams were very different from what my present life is. Gradually my brother also got busy with his work. He advised me that see I have shown you a way now you have to choose your path and keep moving. Then I began surfing net and tried to find out the other ways of earning online. It is after joining mylot that I came to know about many other ways of working and earning online. Came to know about legit and fake sites. So, I can say that when I began working online I had no plans I was just following my brother's advice, but now I do plan and try to work accordingly.
• United States
18 Sep 12
I have my own company and I have 9 people working for me from home right now, writing in their spare time and doing social media work. I am looking to hire 3 more. If you are interested fill out an app on likeworking.com Again this is my own company, I need real people, I pay my team weekly and there is no selling involved and it is real work you dont have to pay anything. 100% real no scam.
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
18 Sep 12
No, i didn't because i don't spend whole my time for online working only. i do whenever i have free time or i am bored with my offline work. Currently i join mylot only..and online earning is very small but it doesn't matter...i just get fun..
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
i do not make plans for my online jobs that i specifically follow. :D usually i plan to be online in mylot and then be active a few minutes to a few hour or so but then if i get tired or if i see no topics to answer to, i would log out.
@dainy1313 (2352)
• Leon, Mexico
18 Sep 12
Hello aries, I began selling used things at a partner site of ebay in my country 5 years ago. I signed in at mylot, and in some survey sites, blogs, and on ebooks sites. I found many scams,and waste of time. I signed also in a dropshipping site named salehoo that was perfect for my online business, since I`m a stay-at-home-mom for ever. I have a full time online job now, my eshop, I sell new jackets, I found a nitch. I have to be online the whole day, but as customers are not so active, I can take children to school, and pick them up again, I can cook, attend my ministry and raise children. I can be with my husband late night, I have my laptop at bed, that is when many of my customers are online, when they have finished their labor day. Meanwhile I take photos, I answer questions, or have my children go with me to send packages. I`m on mylot, I answer some surveys, and some days I play lotto of $0.08 cents. I was affraid, of course in the beginning with my online business because it was something new and I needed money, but thanks God it is working. I`m not an online scammer and my best selling season is autumn winter. But as in any job you have to invest time and effort. Blessings aries... dainy