What are the important roles of art in our daily life?

@blinjk (613)
September 17, 2012 10:49pm CST
Art allows us to express our feelings and creativity.Art have changes and improves our life everyday.Without art our lives will be empty and so dull.Our life have been a piece of art which makes it useful.God is good because he created man with a perfection.I remember my teacher said that God made man so perfect because he placed our eyes,nose,mouth and etc into a perfect position.God created lots of things in this world and it useful.As humans,we build houses and building using our creativity.We should be thankful to God because of this.Most of our things that we use are art that is really useful in our daily life like food,clothes,gadgets and etc.
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• Philippines
18 Sep 12
Oh,you're right.Let's thank God that he gave people the talent of being creative.For me, I am not that blessed in that area.I can't draw, paint, or make designs well. I am not that creative compared to other people.Somehow, I am still thankful that people are given those talents and they're sharing those with us by creating a lot of magnificent art work. They make our environment beautiful and full of life. I guess life won't be good without any of them. Thanks for sharing and happy mylotting.
@allknowing (75409)
• India
18 Sep 12
Although it is our tongue that finally tastes the food, a well laid out table or an artistically decorated salad dish, goes a long way in making the dish appetising. There are so many areas in our life that can enhance our happiness if we bring art in it. I am grateful to God that I have been given the capacity to appreciate art in all its forms.