When younger siblings do not respect the older sibling

September 18, 2012 5:21am CST
A family member, MK shared this story with me. She said being the eldest sister in the family can be really stressful. MK's younger siblings borrowed money from her many times. They like to look for her when they are in financial trouble. MK helped them many times and many times also her money are not paid back. She is not calculative, doesn't even mind (but still wishing they'd paid back) when they ignore her reminder. But what she really hates is that these younger siblings do not respect her as the eldest sister, always raising their voice when talking to her and making fun of her whenever they want, even criticizing her as much as they want. So, now she has decided to teach these ungrateful brats a lesson. One day, after a quarrel, MK told one of her sisters to bring the debt to her death, telling her she is not expecting her sister to pay back anymore after she made fun and looked down on her. So, she is wondering what effect this will give to her sister and other siblings? What'd you think mylotters?
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• Philippines
25 Sep 12
Not being bitter but she should think of herself more than ever before. If these younger siblings has the gall to be disrespectful and still borrow money form her then, she should look out for herself. MK gave money because it is the nature of good older siblings to help the younger ones but if they cannot respect her as a person she should forget that she has siblings at all. I don't know why they make fun of her but I think this has gone too far. She could also bring herself not to expect anything form this ungrateful siblings since they cannot even have the audacity to respect her. Do keep us update of MK's situation
• Malaysia
25 Sep 12
Well, to be frank it has not been easy for MK. She's torn apart, being a responsible person/ sister, a part of her wants to protect her younger siblings and a part of her wants to stay firm so that her siblings will not take her or anyone else for granted. She said how would these young siblings survive if no one is firm enough to point out their weaknesses and what will happen if they treat or bully others the same way they've treated her. The sister whom MK has scolded is very selfish. She will not be where she is today if it's not because of MK who cleared her out of her credit card debts. How arrogant of this sister who doesn't even care to talk nicely to MK. This sister has since acted dumb and avoided MK. I say, let her learn the hard way since she has been too proud of herself, too proud to even listen to MK's advice. Happy mylotting jeanny and have a nice day!
@kokomo (1868)
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
I think her sister will realize their bad habits of disrespects and abuseness to MK.Maybe it can help but it depends to the sisters how tough their attitudes are.I think the best way that MK can do is to pray for her sisters to change and not to give anymore what they want.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
18 Sep 12
it happens very often, I think she should just stop giving them. It is hard time that MK should think of herself only especially when your own people do this to you. There is a limit to everything. it is above her head and go straight with the younger siblings. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.