My daughters favorite song now is Old McDonald!

United States
September 18, 2012 1:51pm CST
She replays it over and over on my phone! Yes she is two and she knows how to press replay on my iphone. She is so smart. I like any songs that teach her to know letters or recognize animals. She goes crazy when we go out and sees animals. She refuses to accept my names for the animals immediately but warms to them in time. In the mean time she hangs on tight to her names. Cows are moomoos and zebras are still horseys! I even let her see madagascar the movie and I let my children see very little uneducational programming just so she would see a zebra more and identify a difference. No luck :( Well soon I guess. I never have discouraged dancing but when the music came on for that movie to dance she told me to stop and stay still and no dancing. Too cute at two with her own conviction to no dancing. How long will that last? I have told her to be still and teaching her blanket training for self control. She is taking it to the extreme though or maybe just implementing it. I would love to see her dance it is too cute how little she is. Uhoh she just turned some rapping barney on by accident, it does not sound good, gonna help her change that now! Happy mylotting :)
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@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
18 Sep 12
I can imagine how she giggles and dance with her favorite tunes. My kids are now grown ups and whenever I miss their toddler days,all I have to do is look at their old photographs and reminisce those days. Enjoy your daughter while she's small and take a snap shots whenever you got the chance for souvenirs
@mermaidivy (15410)
• United States
18 Sep 12
My son loved Old McDonald, we found out that Old Macdonald was a great song to soothe him everytime when he cried and he has liked Old Mcdonald ever since. He especially likes it when I make the sounds of the animals too. I burnt Oldmacdonald into the CD rom and play it in the car also when we drive, when he got cranky, he would stop squaking as soon as we played the song even now he still does!