I am getting so sick of this!

United States
September 18, 2012 2:19pm CST
I am so sick of hearing stories that the BML wants to round up all wild horses and take them off of federal land! Then I hear some billionaires wife wants to take alot of these mustangs,have all the stallions gelded! I thought that could be a great idea but in the long run the mustang would die out in the future! Obama has no real idea what is going on and the BLM is telling him this is needed! I know people who love horses are trying to help change this and I hope something will happen! Then I keep hearing stories of plants wanting to open to slaughter horses in the US!! It never ends! People want to make a quick buck off of this and horse meat is not something to eat! Then I hear these plans get stalled because of fraud charges,fines for evoirement violations and some states just vote it down! Of course horses are taken to Canada and Mexico to be slaughter and the meat is sent to Europe where alot of people eat it! Some greedy b#stards buy horses at auctions and Craigslist just to have them butched Mexico or Canada!! Must of these horses are young and in their prime! Found out alot are Quarter Horses!! Not the old,sick or injuried horse! Enough is enough!!!! I know people are fighting thiis but until this stops I am not going to be a happy person!
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