I listen to my favorite book at least once a day.

United States
September 18, 2012 3:18pm CST
I love books on tape. I always now seem to have my favorite book in one of my ears as I am going through the day. I replay my favorite chapter and have the author in my ear as I go about my day. I am trying to rear my children in a good way and enjoy having guidance in my ear. I wasn't raised but by the television where everything was solved ina half hour on Full House. I have grown patient and more knowledgeable each day. This is therapy for me as well as teaching my children. How do you find guidance? Do you reread your favorite books too? I remember as a student I would read before bed to keep it fresh on my mind so I could replay it over and over while I slept especially before a big test. Am I the only one that did this and did it work for you too?
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@sq2108 (95)
• China
19 Sep 12
I remember when i was a child, i always listened audio by radio after dinner, There were many favourite programes in radio, i still remember at 7 pm each day a cross talk would started and attracted my whole family to listen, i enjoyed this program very much. But i would not listen any radio again after TV has existed in my home. I think watching video on TV is more interesting than listening radio. For book, i just read it and i never hear listening to book. I can't say something about listening to book, because i have no experience at all.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
18 Sep 12
I am a visual learner and I learn best by seeing things like in movies and action and listening to audio books. However I am quit busy so do not have the time. I did wonder how people solved things in half an hour. I sure could not. Mu husband before he passed used to listen to raio plays and he also listened to the unabridged versions of Harry Potter. I do listen to mysteries and am an agatha Christie fan, but do not have enough time in the day to listen to many of them. Do yu listen to how to or do you listen to fiction books?