Which is your favorite festival and why ?

@shrmanoj (384)
September 18, 2012 11:14pm CST
There are a lot of festivals in Hindu religion. Among them, I like our great and important festival "Bada Dashain" which is also called "Bijaya Dashami" where we worship the goddess Durga and Ram. It is a great and important festival for Hindus where all the family members get together to celebrate it as well as the members from far distance or abroad get together to celebrate it.
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@meowchie (992)
• Philippines
19 Sep 12
My favorite will always be Christmas [a Christian celebration]. It's a reunion of the family, it's for us to remember the birth of our Savior Jesus. So everyone feels the spirit of care, love, humility and gratitude. Also, it's the season for us to celebrate abundance that's why gift giving is a part of this festival and the preparation of food & fruits to taste the goodness of life for the whole year round :)
@shrmanoj (384)
19 Sep 12
very glad to see this information. I also like Christmas festival very much which is the world's most celebrated festival. Thanks for your response.
• India
28 Mar 13
basically, hindu religion does not encourage festivals,festivals and rituals made this religion worse. really it is basedon vedas and upanishads.those books do not advise us to go to temples and salute statues