want to get rich? then help the poor

September 20, 2012 9:50pm CST
when you help them it is just like you are allowing God to lend money from you with interest.
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@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
6 Oct 12
That was wise and nice destination.Right now most of rich peoples seems ignored about poor people.They always think about how the ways to add his money and can buy everything.But I believe,there are still good people out there,like you are.Sometimes we have a dream become rich man and help everyone who need help,but after become rich man,we forgot about that,and always said have no money.Hope we are people not like that.
13 Oct 12
thank you.. there is no need to be rich so that we can help others... even we don't have enough money we can still help those who are needy... the best time to help is now, we must not wait for we to be come rich so that we can help others.
@Shavkat (63468)
• Philippines
4 Oct 12
That's not a good way of thinking, we need to help other people with clear conscience.
13 Oct 12
have you already helped other people with unclear conscience?
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
6 Oct 12
Hey thanks a ton for posting such a beautiful discussion. Of course i second your thought completely. One cannot be rich and famous overnight. for that he has to do intense hard work and help others in the process. Who better than to help and uplift the poor people who have no one for them in this world. If we do not stand our for them and help their cause then they will be left out and would feel neglected. It is said God help those, who help others. So i agree with whatever u said. What say?
@babyeve (1051)
• Seychelles
21 Sep 12
Yes this a true and thoughtful statement. I believe that this is the only way one can feel rich although not in terms of money, but rather spiritually. :)